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Wellness Care and Vaccination

Since the life span of a dog or cat is only a fraction of your own, a yearly wellness exam is crucial to preventive health care.  Early diagnosis of health issues can lead to a longer and happier life for your pet. A thorough physical examination, vaccinations, and internal parasite checks are part of most well-pet visits. 

Based on the veterinarian’s findings, recommendations are given to improve your pet’s health.  We make recommendations for:

  •             Nutrition for optimal weight and body condition
  •             Parasite control including selection of the best product for your pet’s needs
  •             Minor behavioral concerns
  •             Specific therapies for problems found during the exam

Older pets often benefit from more in-depth wellness testing, which may include sampling for cell counts, and blood chemistries to assess the function of internal organs such as liver and kidneys; or endocrine functions such as thyroid.  Urinalysis is usually included as a simple yet very informative test.


Roger's Pet Health Tip:

Rogers Pet Health Tips


New Legislation in Kentucky

Starting July 1, 2018, all small animal veterinarians in Kentucky will be required to charge 6% sales tax on any veterinary services (including office exams, procedures, prescriptions, etc) performed in clinic.  The Kentucky Legislature passed the bill despite opposition and vetoes.  There is a chance that the bill can be repealed in January when the Legislature returns. 

Taxes of this sort have been defeated in states like Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, and several others.  Please contact your representative to let them know you do not support HB366.